Your guide to a dental check-up with Exams and cleanings for a healthy, stunning smile

Many dental problems that later require treatment can easily be prevented with oral hygiene at home. Drs Kahng and Shaw and our hygiene team believe in personalized care and prioritize showing patients techniques to keep their smiles healthy and stunning. Part of keeping a smile healthy is maintaining consistent and regular exams at our dental studio. 

The importance of professional care 

Why do you still need to visit the dentist’s office even when you consistently and thoroughly brush and floss at home? There are at least two key reasons why even the best home hygiene is no substitute for professional services: 

  • First, the professional cleanings at our office that typically precede our dentists’ exams are done using specialized tools in the hands of highly qualified hygienists who are trained to use these tools safely and effectively. While sticky bacterial plaque can be removed at home with a brush and floss, its hardened form (tartar or calculus) cannot be removed with store-bought products. Our hygienists will gently and skillfully eliminate this plaque build-up, as well as bacteria in hard-to-clean spaces. Plus, our patients love how fresh and clean their mouth feels afterward! Another bonus: Professional hygiene appointments are an awesome way to lift surface stains and keep your smile looking great. 

Typically after the cleaning, Drs Kahng or Shaw use their keen eye and advanced diagnostic tools to detect “hidden” decay and other oral problems. Often, oral conditions such as periodontal (gum) disease do not present symptoms until after the disease has progressed. At that point, irreparable damage may already have been done, or time-consuming, traumatic, and costly treatment may be necessary to resolve the problem. Likewise, symptoms associated with early-stage disease are frequently so subtle that patients are not motivated to visit us. By the time they reach out to us about alarming pain or bleeding, it may be too late to “save” the tooth or to naturally restore healthy attachment between the gums and teeth in a conservative, non-invasive way. 

Diagnostic tools such as digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, or Near Infrared Imaging Technology (NIRI) are a great complement to our doctors’ considerable skill and experience. These tools help detect even subtle, early-stage enamel erosion and gum inflammation, and even abnormalities that may indicate pre-cancers and cancers. These technologies are not only comfortable for the patient, but they also produce very clear images that can be presented on a monitor. In this way, our dentists can show you precisely what “they see”, which aids in understanding the underlying condition and informs your understanding of recommended treatment approaches. 

During these appointments, we can also recommend products such as interdental brushes that help to easily clean back teeth. Additionally, we check that dental work and appliances such as nightguards and mouthguards remain in excellent condition. We may even recommend preventive services, such as nightguards, to protect both dental restorations and natural teeth from the effects of chronic teeth-grinding. Other preventive services include dental sealants and fluoride supplementation. 

Do not put off dental exams and professional cleanings for another day. Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our dental studio in Costa Mesa.