We “grow” healthy smiles and offer proactive gum disease treatment

Orange And Magnolia Dental Studio has cultivated close relationships with individuals and families in Costa Mesa, California and the surrounding area. We maintain strong bonds with our patients through their routine visits to our studio, located unforgettably at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Magnolia Street. These frequent visits are also sweet; they are a cornerstone of preventive dentistry. Regular check-ups (exams) and professional cleanings by our skilled hygienists prevent the two leading causes of tooth loss: tooth decay and gum disease.

Toothy troubles: Gum disease

Bacteria are naturally present in your mouth. These bacteria feed off the food debris left behind when you don’t brush or floss consistently and thoroughly. Bacteria and food particles promote the development of sticky plaque. As plaque builds up, it releases toxins that inflame the periodontal tissue (gums) and erode the teeth. 

Early-stage gum inflammation or disease is known as “gingivitis.” Dr. Joyce Kahng uses her considerable knowledge and diagnostic technologies to pinpoint gum problems in their earliest stages when you can halt the disease process and reverse its destructive effects. 

Later-stage gum disease is known as periodontitis. If left untreated, advanced gum disease can break down the healthy attachments between the teeth and gums. Periodontitis can erode at both the soft and hard tissues. 

Tailored treatment 

Generally, treatments to resolve gum disease in its earliest stages are less invasive. All that may be necessary to restore the health of this supportive tissue is modifications to hygiene at home or oral care products. Additionally, we may recommend a nonsurgical process or “deep cleaning” known as scaling and root planing. Periodontal trays may be customized to your mouth. When worn as directed, the trays deliver powerful medication to eradicate bacteria and promote healing. For more advanced stages of gum disease, Dr. Kahng may recommend surgical or regenerative techniques such as laser pocket reduction and gum grafting. 

Do not wait for bleeding when brushing, swelling, pain, or other potentially troublesome symptoms to arise. We encourage you to contact us to get into a healthy, proactive habit that supports your periodontal and dental health. Please schedule your appointment by calling us at (949) 642-0608.

Gum Disease

Gum disease

The 3 stages of gum disease are gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Gingivitis is caused by toxins irritating the gum line as a result of plaque buildup. Signs and symptoms of gingivitis includes swelling, sensitivity, and bleeding of the gums during brushing and flossing. Gingivitis can be easily reversed through professional care and good home oral hygiene. Periodontitis is categorized by irreversible bone loss that results from untreated gingivitis. The gums may begin to form a pocket below the gum line which traps food and plaque. Dental treatment and home care can help prevent from further damage, but at this stage, the results are not reversible. Advanced periodontitis is when the fibers and bones supporting the teeth destroyed. This may cause teeth to shift or loosen. Teeth may have to be removed depending on how advanced the disease has become and if treatments are not effective. You can begin by preventing gum disease with good oral health. Pick up a brochure or ask your dentist today.