The Dawn of a More Confident You with Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers

Perfect smiles rarely happen naturally. Most people have one or two cosmetic flaws they’d love to fix. But the thought of extensive dental work prevents most of us from getting the smile we deserve. With porcelain dental veneers from Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio in Costa Mesa, California, Dr. Joyce Kahng and her team can revamp your smile in just a few office visits. A celebrity’s favorite, dental veneers can correct multiple dental flaws to make your smile brighter, straighter, and fuller.

Dental veneers 101

Dental veneers are super-thin composite or porcelain shells glued to the teeth within the “smile zone” to alter their size, shape, and color. Although composite resin is an affordable option for veneers, porcelain is preferable because it’s long-lasting and resistant to stains and discoloration. Porcelain also reflects light similar to natural teeth, creating a lifelike effect for a natural-looking outcome.

We love dental veneers for their versatility. These fingernail-sized appliances can correct multiple cosmetic flaws at a go. Dr. Kahng may recommend dental veneers to correct:

  • Oddly shaped or sized (misshapen) teeth
  • Severely discolored teeth
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Unwanted gaps between teeth
  • Gummy smiles
  • Teeth with visible craters or bulges

Some patients need a full set of veneers, although others need to change only one or two teeth for a complete transformation. Dr. Kahng will determine the number of veneers you need, depending on the issues you want to correct and the results you want to achieve.

What to expect during veneer treatment

Dental veneers require at least two to three dental appointments. During the initial consultation, we get to know what you don’t like about your smile and your cosmetic dentistry goals. Then, we examine your teeth and gums to ensure that dental veneers are the best treatment for you. Ideally, you should be free from cavities and gum disease, and your enamel should be healthy enough to support veneers.

Although porcelain veneers are super-thin, they still have a thickness that needs to be considered once applied to your teeth. Under anesthesia, we shave a microscopic amount of your enamel to allow your veneers to rest flush with the other teeth. Then, we take digital impressions of your prepped teeth and submit the images to our master ceramists to custom-make your veneers. Before you go, we’ll install provisional veneers until your veneers arrive in two to three weeks.

During D-day, we’ll remove the temporary veneers, clean your teeth, and install your permanent veneers using dental cement. Of course, we bond your veneers only after ensuring they fit comfortably and look natural.

Get started with porcelain dental veneers today!

Have you been told your teeth are stubbornly stained to correct with teeth whitening? Do you have crooked teeth but aren’t ready to commit to months or years of orthodontic treatment? Bothered by those eye-catching gaps between teeth but don’t have the resources to perfect them with Invisalign? These are some cases — and by far not the only ones — to obtain dental veneers from Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio.

To learn more about what veneers can do for your smile, please call (949) 867-4346 to schedule a smile assessment with Dr. Joyce Kahng.