Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio offers a quick and easy Screening Process for early detection of Oral Cancer

Every year, the American Cancer Society estimates that approximately 54,000 people are diagnosed with cancers of the mouth and throat (oral and oropharyngeal cancers). We at Orange And Magnolia Dental Studio want to assure you that these cancers have a high rate of successful treatment when detected early, especially while the cancer has not spread to nearby or distant organs and tissues. 

Screening for a lifetime of healthy smiles 

No proactive routine of regular check-ups at our studio in Costa Mesa would be complete without the oral cancer screening. During this screening, Dr. Joyce Kahng will discuss any changes that may have occurred since the last visit and could indicate potential trouble spots. These changes might include recurrent sores, frequent sore throat, persistent swelling, problems with swallowing, or changes to how oral appliances (such as dentures) fit. She will also assess any discolored or leathery patches or other concerning areas of the mouth. Dr. Kahng will also feel for potential abnormalities, lumps, and bumps, by touch.

On an ongoing basis, we at Orange and Magnolia work with you to minimize or eliminate those factors that put you at greater risk of developing oral cavity and throat cancers. Partly, patients should avoid or limit the use of tobacco-containing products and alcohol. The use of proper sun protection also helps to protect from exposure to harmful UV light that is associated with the likes of lip cancers. Nutritious foods and great oral hygiene at home (and at our studio!) support oral health and overall health and wellbeing. 

Do not wait for alarming problems, such as the feeling that something is “stuck” in your throat, to arise before you reach out to us. We encourage you to get on a regular schedule of exams and screenings at least once every six months. Call (949) 642-0608 to book your visit at our studio, aptly located at Orange Avenue and Magnolia Street.