Comprehensive General Dentistry that defies categorization!

Most dentists in the United States are classified as practitioners of “general” dentistry. While we at Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio technically fall under that category, Dr. Joyce Kahng and the rest of our team really defy categorization. We align with other dentists’ offices in and around Costa Mesa, California, with our comprehensive and wide-ranging services. However, we distinguish favorably from other general dentists near and far with advanced diagnostics, technologies, and treatments that support precision, gentle, convenient, comfortable, and conservative dentistry. 

Services for all ages, life stages

Dr. Kahng expertly, proactively, and painlessly cares for individuals and their families. Her proactive approach is built on a foundation of preventive dentistry. She uses sophisticated technologies, such as intraoral (in mouth) cameras and digital X-rays to detect early-stage or hidden oral diseases. These technologies are also safe, non-invasive, and non-threatening. Combined with our spa-like environment, patients are at ease. Even the most fearful or anxious patients, who haven’t visited the dentist in years, rethink their perception of the dental visit. We have either minimized or eliminated many common sources of dental phobia, from cutting tools to shots to dental drills. We have a variety of products, techniques, and advanced tools as pleasant substitutes or antidotes to these triggers that are associated with conventional dentistry.

While preventive services go far to support patients’ most attractive and healthy smiles, Dr. Kahng also offers lovely dental restorations to rebuild smiles that are as durable and strong as they are pleasant to look at and lifelike. Since we appreciate that each patient is more than their teeth and gums and that each situation is unique, we are pleased to offer several alternatives within each category of dental treatment. Restorations range from “simple” fillings to inlays to onlays (partial crowns) to full-coverage crowns, while tooth replacement includes “conventional” dentures and bridges options as well as systems supported by dental implants placed in the jaw. 

The same notion applies to those cosmetic services designed to correct aesthetic imperfections that can negatively affect your mental health and wellbeing. We offer, for instance, both indirect veneers (porcelain veneers) and direct veneers (dental bonding). Likewise, teeth whitening includes deep bleaching to remove even the most stubborn intrinsic stains or specialized whitening trays to lift stains gradually from the comfort of home. 

As noted, we treat a variety of ages, from grandchildren to great-grandparents, and we are well-positioned to treat your evolving oral health needs and challenges. Let us be your partner for a lifetime of healthy and stunning smiles for you and the family. Call us at (949) 642-0608 to schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one.

General Dentistry

Myths and facts about dentistry
Fact or myth? If you have a cavity, you will know it. Myth, Mild tooth decay has no symptoms. Sensitivity begins to occur when the tooth decay is already causing damage to the nerve. Today’s dentistry prevents tooth decay with sealants and other conservative methods. Fact or myth? Sugar is the prime cause of cavities. A fact and also a myth. Acid is the main trigger in producing the bacteria that causes cavities. The bacteria is then fueled by the consumption of carbohydrates. Sugar is a trigger in cavities, but carbs as a whole are the main cause. Fact or myth? Cavities are the prime reason for root canals. Myth. Root canals are a result of nerve damage. And untreated cavity could lead to nerve damage, but root canals are on set by number of different factors. Facts on myth? Brushing and flossing are the best way to prevent cavities. Fact. Fact or myth? Expensive toothpastes are always better than cheaper ones. Myth. Different toothpastes are better for different teeth in situations. Sometimes moderately priced toothpaste can be more effective. Ask the dentist about what might be best for your teeth. And always look for the ADA seal of approval. Fact or myth? If a tooth is white, it must be healthy. Myth. Under the surface there may be cavities, problems with the root or other abnormalities. Fact or Myth? Teeth whitening is harmful because it damages enamel. Myth. There are many modern teeth whitening processes that have minimal harmful effects. Teeth whitening isn’t for every mouth or person though. Consult the dentist before you proceed with whitening treatments. Fact or myth? Dentists should be feared. Myth. With today’s advancements in technology and safety practices there is nothing to worry about. Procedures are as quick and painless as ever. Fact or myth? You should visit your dentists at least twice a year. FACT.