Dr. Joyce Kahng offers a combination of advanced diagnostics, digital x-rays, and intraoral camera tech

At Orange And Magnolia Dental Studio, we have cultivated a pretty sweet following among the many individuals and families in Costa Mesa, California, and the surrounding area who trust the appearance and health of their smiles to us. In addition to Dr. Joyce Kahng’s considerable experience and expertise, she has invested in several advanced technologies to support your overall health, safety, and the most comfortable and convenient experience possible. Diagnostic technologies include digital X-rays and intraoral camera systems. 

The power of sophisticated diagnostics

Patients may think that their oral health is superb. After all, their teeth and gums may look and feel fine. However, there may be underlying enamel erosion or gum inflammation lurking. These conditions are progressive and often don’t present with symptoms until after the damage has progressed, which either requires extensive or costly restorative care or is irreparable and leads to the loss of the tooth or gummy tissue.

It is important to keep up with routine visits to our office. So, Dr. Kahng lends her skilled eye to evaluate the state of your teeth, gums, and mouth. And, what she can’t see with her eyes can be pinpointed with X-rays (radiography) or intraoral camera technology. 

This combination of skill and technology allows for detecting early-stage or “hidden” decay and periodontal (gum) inflammation and disease. Early detection leads to early intervention and, the sooner we can treat the condition, the more natural tooth structure or gums can be preserved. And more conservative techniques are largely better tolerated, less time-consuming, more budget-friendly, and lower risk.

Digital X-rays

We use digital radiography as an alternative to conventional, film-based X-rays. Special sensors and plates are used to render clear images of the oral cavity quickly. These images are created using significantly less radiation than their traditional counterparts and are even appropriate for children and pregnant women. Digital X-rays are associated with substantially less (up to around 80% or 90% less) radiation exposure than even those traditional systems. 

Intraoral cameras

We can use unobtrusive mini-cameras to visualize the We can use unobtrusive mini-cameras to visualize the inside of your mouth. These cameras produce images painlessly and comfortably. As the wand-like device is passed over your teeth, gums, and other structures, the images captured by the camera can then be viewed on a monitor by you and your dentist. This approach helps you better understand the conditions affecting your mouth and be better informed about your treatment options. 

Near Infrared Imaging Technology

Near Infrared Imaging Technology or NIRI is a valuable diagnostic aid in the early detection of cavities and does not emit ionizing radiation. Dr. Kahng utilizes the iTero Element 5D Imaging System to capture imaging beneath the tooth surface using NIRI to illuminate the areas during routine scanning. The scans can also be saved and time lapsed to compare earlier images for progress, which help keep treatments conservative.

For more information on these high-tech processes, schedule an appointment at our studio at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Magnolia Street. Call us at (949) 642-0608.