The transformative power of Cosmetic Dentistry

From Harvard University to the Mayo Clinic, the world’s most well-respected organizations have connected the dots between happiness and health. At Orange And Magnolia Dental Studio, we understand the role that an attractive smile plays in overall happiness and an improved mental state. Dr. Joyce Kahng loves to help patients feel their most confident selves every day through cosmetic dental artistry.  She has seen first hand how a confident smile can impact the way someone shows up in the world both personally and professionally.  

Cosmetic dentistry, in a nutshell

As a quality dental studio, we offer a range of first-rate services in the categories of preventive, general, restorative, and yes, cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic procedures are largely recommended for patients with otherwise healthy teeth and gums. Restorative treatments, such as porcelain crowns, are designed to be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. However, they serve, first and foremost, a functional purpose. They are most often recommended to restore a badly decayed or damaged tooth to function and health. 

Cosmetic treatments correct the prominent characteristics of the teeth and gums, which can either enhance or detract from the appearance of the tooth. Our expertise and tools are applied to:

  • Whiten stained or discolored teeth
  • Cover up stubbornly discolored “intrinsic” stains 
  • Recontour an irregularly-shaped tooth
  • Add length to a worn-down or overly short tooth
  • Close gaps between teeth 
  • Repair uneven spacing 
  • Reshape the gumline 
  • Remove excessive tissue at the gumline 
  • Eliminate chips or slight fractures, and other surface irregularities 

The idea behind many of the procedures that we recommend to address the above cosmetic concerns is to bring balance and pleasing proportion to the smile. Depending on your specific goals, needs, budget, and other characteristics, we may recommend professional teeth whitening, teeth contouring, correction of a “gummy” smile, porcelain veneers, direct veneers or dental bonding, or cosmetic straightening with removable, clear aligners like Invisalign®. 

The typical process from start to finish for porcelain veneers consists of 4 appointments.  

During the first appointment, the patient will meet with Dr. Kahng to design a smile better suited for a patient’s facial features and skin tone. Initial photos will be taken.

The second appointment, Dr. Kahng will prepare the teeth for porcelain veneers. The patient will leave the office with temporary veneers that will mimic the final. This is a great way to test run the veneers.

The third appointment, Dr. Kahng will permanently cement the porcelain veneers after the patient has given final approval of the esthetics.  

The fourth appointment, Dr. Kahng will deliver a nightguard. She recommends a nightguard for all cosmetic work to ensure longevity of the work. Final case photos are taken at this visit, and Dr. Kahng highly encourages patients to wear fun lip colors for the final shoot.  

The typical process from start to finish for composite veneers consists of 3 appointments. 

During the first appointment, Dr. Kahng will take photos and models of the existing teeth so that she can personally design the final outcome.

The second appointment is where Dr. Kahng will build the framework of the patient’s new smile.  

The third appointment is the following day where Dr. The third appointment is the following day where Dr. Kahng will add special effects to the composite to give a more life like, multilayered appearance. Her composite veneer process is unique and there are very few dentists who are able to offer this service.

Of course, Invisalign®, serves an important functional purpose in addition to a cosmetic benefit. Misalignment and bite problems can make teeth more susceptible to fractures, give rise to TMJ problems, and can make crowded teeth decay-prone. So, we can’t stress too much on how the procedures that we offer often straddle the line between cosmetic and restorative treatment. 

Cosmetic dentistry services are as unique as you are and can start with a FREE virtual smile consultation! Contact us today at (949) 642-0608 to start this journey to a better smile and improved self-confidence.